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The Harivanam-KumaUu of the 18 Kampanas:*

The Commanders :
Appara Pilla.
Kuppara Pilla.
Sakiva ISayaelu.
Kumara Timmappa.

The minister (Pradhant) Oerva.
Ayyappa Nayadu.
Ko(a)tikani Visvanatlia Nayaduf,
Cevvappa Nayadu.J
Akkappa Nayadu.
Krsnappa Nayadu.
Velugoti Yacama Xayadu.
Kaunada Basavappa
Suhiva Mekaraju.
Matla Anantaraju.

The Reddi Kumalht i
Bommi Reddi.

* ' Hzfi-Janzm or ArivSnam literally denotes the plate or dish from which food i* taken.
Therfore, ffarfvSffam Kwr&tlu literally means the sons of the eating-dish. It may be re-
membered in thi;, connection that one of the classes of retainers of a king or prince is called
* Kuntallu ' or sons- They have the privilege of partaking the food left in the plate 6f
the king or the prince after he finishes his meal. The Harivanmn- fCumallv mentioned here
are evidently retainers of this class. They appear to have been recruited eicltisi-piely
from, the province of Araga which, was sab-divided into 18 divisions known as

f The term kc^i'ka (kat^ika) means a staff or mace.   Vis-vanatha. Nayaka, the fomwier of
the Madura Nayak kingdom, was originally a xsace-beare^ at the court
jThe founder of the Tanjore NSyak kingdom.